Stories for August 2007

August 25, 2007

A Contemporary Family Vacation: The Eastern Sierras

Some people are so nuts. They think every body of water is a wishing well. My vision of what my children would see when they first viewed the Sierras. The reality wasn’t quite like that. Albert Bierstadt’s Sunrise in…

August 18, 2007

Living La Dolce Vegas

Landing in Las Vegas at night is a bit like landing at National Airport in DC: an incredible view of the city beckons you. McCarren International Airport is just south of The Strip. So our first look at the city…

August 12, 2007

A Contemporary Family Vacation: Introduction

A cryptic photo-op at the MGM in Las Vegas As a boy family vacations were always an exciting prospect: traveling on adventures to the great unknown in the comfort of our 1953 Pontiac. No seat belts and open windows,…

August 2, 2007

Gephyrophobia: A Prophetic Fear of Bridges

Fear of bridges is a relatively common phobia although most people with it do not know they have something called “gephyrophobia”… Phobic drivers may worry about being in an accident in busy traffic or losing control of their vehicles….

August 1, 2007

Because I Could

My iPhone and me at Yosemite’s Half Dome. What would Samuel Morse have thought? “What hath God wrought?” John Muir would probably have agreed. My email message documenting this event: “We are blissful at this altitude.” Just returned from…