Stories for December 2006

December 31, 2006

Washington, DC: a Tropical Paradise

Palm trees will soon grace the South Lawn of the White House and life in the capital city will become serene and laid-back. Of course, a global warming rise of seven meters in the sea level would actually flood…

December 23, 2006

Of Teeth and Claus

Notice: Seasonal and youthful spoilers below. If you are under 13, ask your parents to read this first. My daughter’s tooth- and toothbrush-shaped note to the Tooth Fairy. Is this the work of a true believer? Parents are constantly assessing…

December 16, 2006

The Three Wise Men by Three Wise Women

The Three Wise Men by three wise women (from left to right): Older Daughter, 10; Younger Daughter, 8; and Wife, Not Telling. It is “Draw Dad Week” at Chez Gates. My youngest has been drawing portraits of Mom on…