December 16, 2006

The Three Wise Men by Three Wise Women
Portraits of me by each of my family

The Three Wise Men by three wise women (from left to right): Older Daughter, 10; Younger Daughter, 8; and Wife, Not Telling.

It is “Draw Dad Week” at Chez Gates. My youngest has been drawing portraits of Mom on her bedroom whiteboard so, to be fair, she decided it was time for a portait of Dad (ok, with a little pleading from dear old dad). Her older sister and Mom decided to do one too. So I ended up with three wonderful images of me.

I particularly like the attention to detail my eldest paid to my hair and beard (although, I did shave today). I think she got the few singular hairs on my forehead perfectly.

I’ve been looking for an icon for my flickr photo stream and other online sites and these fit the bill perfectly. After all, the perfect icon must convey the personality and joie de vivre of its owner in an interesting but economical way.

Unlike the gifts the magi are thought to have given Jesus, my three wise women have given me the perfect gifts for, not a king, but just a very fortunate soul.

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