Stories for November 2004

November 29, 2004

Hollywood: My Hometown

Of course it’s not like the postcards say it is. It’s not glamour everywhere you look. I should know. I live here. This is my town. Peter Appleton The Majestic (Quicktime Movie, 4.3 MB) I was born in Hollywood….

November 26, 2004

Missing in Action

I lost my iPod. One minute I was listening to This American Life while waiting for my sister-in-law, Janet, to pick me up at the subway’s “Kiss and Ride.” The next we were in front of her house. As I…

November 7, 2004

Leaves: The Great Divide

The neighborhood’s lawns reflect the great divide between the Dead Leaf Browns and the Dichondra Greens. It’s time for our annual Leaf Blowing Festival. We live at the edge of a forest of Tulip Poplar trees and each fall…