Stories for August 2005

August 16, 2005

Orbs Above Us

Some of the enhanced security is visible to our customers and at the same time, much is not, and that’s exactly the way it is designed to be. Polly Hanson Metro Transit Police Chief Taking public transportation often provides…

August 14, 2005

How Hot Was It?

Record heat all across the nation this weekend, especially on the east coast. In fact, it was so hot in Baltimore, Rafael Palmeiro [baseball player recently suspended for using steroids] switched to injecting himself with Freon. Jay Leno, from…

August 7, 2005

Farming in Suburbia

We just returned from our annual East Coast beach trip to Wildwood, New Jersey. This is the ancestral venue for my wife’s family and like swallows in Capistrano we dutifully return to this spot the same time each year. Growing…