Stories for September 2007

September 17, 2007

A Contemporary Family Vacation: The Gilroy Garlic Festival

My life long dream of tasting garlic ice cream would finally be realized. After a few days in the clean mountain air of Yosemite it was time for a change. So the family trekked across California’s central San Joaquin…

September 11, 2007

Another Year, Another 9/11

Thinking about 9/11. Retracing our steps. Telling our story to our children who are now old enough to understand. Rereading others’ stories from six years ago. Taking my other cell phone today, the one that works underground in the subway….

September 9, 2007

Arecibo: A Little Insurance Against Big Asteroids

Panorama photograph I took at Arecibo last year. (view larger) The Washington Post is reporting today that funding is in jeopardy for the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Without real (and voting) membership in Congress, the Commonwealth lacks the…

September 6, 2007

A Contemporary Family Vacation: Yosemite

The highlight of our my Yosemite visit has already been recounted. What more can I say? Well, my wife tells me perhaps just a bit more. We spent two days in the park. We started planning this trip back in…

September 4, 2007

Men: Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

The day after Labor Day is known by many as Terrible Tuesday. By that time, all of the schools are back in, and the majority of people are back from their vacations. It just sort of hits all at…

September 1, 2007

Good Bye Mr. Peet

Alfred Peet, the Granddaddy of Great Coffee Alfred Peet, the founder of Peet’s Coffee & Tea (and the granddaddy of American specialty coffee) has died. I’m not one to usually wax poetic obit-style but Mr. Peet deserves it. His…