Stories for February 2002

February 14, 2002

Zen and the Economy of My Words

I’ve got laryngitis. The rest of my body feels fine. In fact, my throat and voice box feel completely normal. It’s only when I attempt to speak that I even realize I’ve got a problem. I’m revisiting puberty as my…

February 8, 2002

Marching to a Postmodern Beat

My ride into work this morning: I take the subway but it’s elevated much of the way in. It’s getting lighter earlier and my commute and the sunrise are almost in sync. I’d say by next Wednesday it should be…

February 3, 2002

A Fairly Odd Viral Convergence

We are all sick. All four of us! Fevers, congestion, the whole bit. We have never all been sick at the same time. This is Viral Convergence! I’m emailing Gareth at Jargon Watch immediately about this! It’s bad enough when…