Stories for July 2002

July 17, 2002

This Day in (My) History

Every year it’s the same cast of characters: Phyllis Diller, Art Linkletter, Lucy Arnaz, and Donald Sutherland. All were born on July 17. And every year I make sure I tune in on Entertainment Tonight on this day to…

July 15, 2002

Looking For Jeffrey Lynn

Finally! Fret’s over. Now what? • • • Today is Jeffrey Lynn’s birthday. Jeff and I grew up together in Pacoima, CA. His house was just down the block, in the second keyhole, as we used to call his cul-de-sac….

July 12, 2002

That Which We Call a Gesture

Morning Short #1 On our morning commute: my eldest daughter (age 5 3/4) told me she wanted a phone in her room just as a real live version of Abe Simpson passed us on the street. I almost dropped my…

July 6, 2002

Conceptual Hobbies: My Primer

Once again the news is authenticating my life. The latest example comes from New Scientist magazine. It is reporting that studies now show that people become more eccentric as they age: “Odd and eccentric behaviour increases with age—but flamboyant…