Stories for June 2007

June 30, 2007

Suburban Crime Report: A Shot in the Dark

Police document gunshot at Chez Gates (inset: point of impact) This morning we opened our living room window-shade to discover what looked to be a bullet hole in our window. Last night, my wife was sitting just inside that…

June 24, 2007

One Simple Step for Better Customer Service

I have written a few times about the decline of Western Civilization, I mean the decline of customer service. It’s an uphill battle. Companies create silos so that one part of the organization works independently of another part (even…

June 17, 2007

A Modern Father Knows the Code

The kids are not afraid to ask questions, but the adults feel an absolute need to provide answers… Rather than say, “I don’t know; let’s find out,” parents feel like they have to make something up to seem smart….