Stories for October 2004

October 30, 2004

The Theatre of the Barely Socially Acceptable, Act 6

It’s been an intense week. The election polls are bouncing all over the place. Osama, through his privately funded 527 Organization broadcasts his own election ad. And a bunch of ragged federal workers make their way home on the…

October 27, 2004

An Artist’s Endorsement

I am an artist: an information provider and interpreter. I am part of a group of people who are masters of the search, often drawing on intuition and practice to reveal the ambiguous and the inexplicable. As an artist…

October 22, 2004

Turf Wars

I think September 11th changed everything. Apathy is gone from our hearts. Bethlehem, PA Homeowner Print your own lawn sign from Bill Fisher’s Yard Sign Project Apparently, I’m not alone when it comes to being on the front lines…

October 18, 2004

Dream Locally, Act Thoughtfully

Last night I dreamed my next-door neighbor knocked on my door. After a few days he had cooled down and wanted to talk. I listened to him as he explained his opinions and when he was done I said…

October 16, 2004

A Neighborly Encounter from the Right

My neighbor placed his car in front of our signs (inset: one of his bumper stickers). With this sign, he tried to do exactly what he asked me not to do: place objectionable signage close to our property. We…

October 10, 2004

Living in a Black and Blue Country

Someone Doesn’t Believe in Freedom of Speech The Iraqi War turned me into a partisan American. Before that point, I subscribed to the logic learned as a Political Science major in college: the Presidency was an office of compromise….

October 3, 2004

Bush Hesitates as He Ponders His Future During Presidential Debate

October 2, 2004

Anatomy of a Decision

Kerry presents his case during first Presidential Debate while Bushlooks on. At 7:30 yesterday morning I was riding the subway to work when were delayed by a dead train at the stop ahead of us. I was tired. I…

Split Screen Decisions

Bush reacts to Kerry during first Presidential Debate The first presidential debate was a contrast in the candidates’ positions as well as their style. But how you interpreted their performance depended on which network you tuned to. I recorded…