October 30, 2004

The Theatre of the Barely Socially Acceptable, Act 6

It’s been an intense week. The election polls are bouncing all over the place. Osama, through his privately funded 527 Organization broadcasts his own election ad. And a bunch of ragged federal workers make their way home on the DC subway. This latest act of The Theatre of the Barely Socially Acceptable is based on a real cell phone conversation I heard on the way home yesterday. A bizarre ending to a surreal week.

Hi Dr. Meyer. This is Frank Wilhouse.
I know it’s late Friday afternoon
So I appreciate you taking my call.

Yes, well my wife and I were talking with Scott.
He was having sexual conversations with this girl from school.

Yes, we told him that.

I’m on the subway right now.
I’m going to confront him.
Well, not really confront him.
That’s not exactly the right word.
I’m going to have a talk with him about this.
My wife Marion is already there.

Yes, he’s been taking his Zoloft.
We make sure of it.

No, there’s no confrontation.
He takes it.

Yes, we stand there while he swallows it.

But he’s been talking to this girl
about this other girl from school
who committed suicide.

Ok, yes. I can do that.
I’ll tell my wife. I’m sure she will too.

Well thanks Dr. Meyer. Thanks for taking my call.
Have a good weekend.
Oh, and don’t forget to vote.
Yeah, I hope so too. Thanks.

• • •

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