March 16, 2008

Ready for a Change
Scene of a snow covered car with text: When I turned 35 I could say two things: I hate late winter and I hate late Abstract Expressionism.

Jeff Gates, From a Series of One Acts… #7, 1987. Click on image for larger view.

I’ve been digitizing many of my film-based photographs from the last century. And using Photoshop to place text on an image is soooo much easier than doing it the old fashioned way, entirely in the darkroom.

Looking at this older work I pause to reflect on my younger days. When I was thirty-five I was impetuous. I don’t hate late Abstract Expressionism. But with the world as it is now, the power of the image is too important and powerful not use it to for social and political change.

Ok, I’m still a little impetuous, but more realistic and apprehensive about the global state of affairs these days. I can’t wait for spring.

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I definitely like how you are going photoblog. Love those black and white pieces… very nice.

Posted by: Randall on March 16, 2008 9:38 PM

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