February 18, 2008

Our Dinner with NotMyShower.com

Women have a right to expect that showers and locker rooms are not occupied by persons who retain their equipment.

From the Good Folks at NotMyShower.com

Dinnertime at our house is a family affair. And evening meal is the time when we talk about our day. As father of the brood I am eager to hear the news. When I ask my daughters “How was your day?” they uniformly answer in the typical “youngspeak” of the early twenty-first century: “Goood.” (Think slight Swedish intonation with the end of the word rising a bit in pitch.) How’s school? “Goood.” How’s your teacher? “Goood.” What did your class think of Jimmy’s bloody nose? “Goood.”

We never answer the phone during dinner. It’s never anyone we want to talk with and besides, we’re busy finding out just how good our day has been. We’ve been on the Fed’s National Do Not Call Registry from Day One. But that doesn’t stop some from calling. And political calls are, ahem, exempt. Generally, they simply hang up when no live person answers. But the other night we got a dinnertime call and they left a message which we all heard loud and clear. Listen:

Did we need to hear that during dinner? When the message said to press “8” to be removed from their calling list I tried but, because we were listening over the speaker the keypad didn’t work (of course, that meant I got this wonderful recording as a souvenir). And then came the questions. Naturally, the girls wanted to know what they were talking about. Sex education and gender identity politics with salmon and a salad.

How was the rest of our dinner? Not so goood.

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WOW. I would be ticked. I’d call them up and complain.

Posted by: Alex on February 19, 2008 9:35 PM

For some reason this reminded me of someone I once heard on the radio talking about how to cook potatoes. He said, “Same as in the bath, you need just enough water to cover your vegetables.” Still makes me laugh.

Posted by: Ivan Pope on February 24, 2008 7:37 PM

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