July 5, 2007

Today’s iPhone Lust-O-Meter Reading
The iPhone Lust-O-Meter

Life Outtacontext’s Current Reading on its iPhone Lust-O-Meter.

I have determined there is a direct correlation between iPhone Lust and physical proximity with the device. Handling an iPhone increases the desire to own one in direct proportion to the length of time it’s played with, I mean, used. In addition, watching a demonstration, even on TV, also increases one’s desire.

Since yesterday was a holiday, and my direct contact with the iPhone and my TV viewing was nil, my lust level has declined over the last 24 hours. Today’s Washington Post review of the phone here and here, while good in most respects, still had a leveling effect on my emotions.

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Okay, get that Lusto-O-Meter on red hot. I have one of these in my hands now and what they said is true - it’s more than a phone, more than an iPod. It’s a computer not much bigger than your palm. I now have all these things (and a camera that is not horrid) in my purse.

Activation took me a few hours because I don’t have the latest software on my Mac. And rather than pay for that, I upgraded our PC for free. And a quick call to AT&T fixed the little things. Tomorrow I go to two free workshops at Apple on the iPhone… just in time. So the Friday roll-out is followed by a Saturday workshop, pretty clever Apple.

Posted by: Donna on July 7, 2007 12:04 AM

Update - those “workshops” are just some sales guy holding up the phone and going through the basics. I learned one tip about how to search for “point of interest” via the maps. I also learned how to sync up my jawbone with the help of the Mac Genius (he didn’t know, but he did know to look it up and read the info online - there are no instructions on the box).

So far, everyone I have met who works in the computer industry is impressed with the IPhone.

Posted by: Donna on July 8, 2007 2:53 AM

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