July 29, 2006

Don’t Go in the Water (or to Silver Spring)
Shark Week at Discovery Channel

Hooper ya idiot. Starboard. Ain’t you watchin’ it?

Quinn, from Jaws

Killer hurricanes. Massive floods. Record heat waves. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. And now this. Huge sea creatures attacking high rise buildings in the burbs of our nation’s capital. This isn’t just another summertime assault by a Great White; it’s an attack of the great GREAT BIG white shark. A 1950s B sci-fi flick? The result of global warming? Al Gore must be snickering “I told you so!”

Wait. It’s Shark Week and Discovery Channel’s worldwide headquarters just outside DC has been eaten alive by a big fish. I was there —those teeth are huge.

Don’t go in the water (or to Silver Spring —at least for the next week)!

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