February 24, 2006

The Theatre of the Barely Socially Acceptable, Act 9

You can’t hear me? I CAN HEAR YOU!
Yes I can.
Brenda, I am on the subway. I can’t be doing that!

When people make public spectacles of themselves I get embarrassed. Why me? Watching a scorned lover let her philanderer have it on the Jerry Springer Show immediately causes my hands to cover my eyes. I must protect myself and this is my instinctive automatic response. Hands to ears would be better but my body doesn’t always listen to me.

I could turn off the TV, but of course I don’t. There is something visceral about open displays like this. Schadenfraude.

They mailed the final papers to him today.
If you hang up on me you are going to regret…

it, Brenda. Big time.

There’s no turning it off in the subway. Despite our clearly marked destinations, we often get lost in our own worlds. We are oblivious and completely devoid of embarrassment. My hands rest naturally and comfortably on my lap.

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