December 29, 2002

An American in Tashkent
Horoscope for December 29th

M. O. decided she wanted a change. Most of us would go shopping or perhaps look for new apartment. M, however, decided to really make a change so she took a job as a Country Director for Internews (an organization to promote independent media) in Uzbekistan, a land-locked former state of the Soviet Union.

Earlier this month, she moved from Atlanta to Tashkent, the capital of Uz (not to be confused with Oz) to spend the next year and a half. And she has set up a blog to record her experiences: when West meets Central Asia.

I recently mentioned that change doesn’t come easily for me. So, when I meet someone who has really taken some major leaps, I’m facinated (and impressed).

I’m living vicariously through M’s adventures in the Wild Wild Steppes while “safely” ensconced in the epicenter of imperial comfort (via

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