November 5, 2002

Deja Vu All Over Again

During yesterday’s Kojo Nnamdi Show on DC’s public radio station, WAMU, the show was interrupted with a news flash that five people had been shot in Montgomery County. Listeners were understandably upset. Was this becoming a disastrous pattern?

Well, no, actually, it turned out to be a War of the Worlds mistake. Kojo, who recently hosted NPR’s syndicated Public Interest show, called in sick at the last minute and technicians had to quickly find a past show to air. Without thinking they grabbed the October 3rd tape. That was the day the sniper first struck in the DC burbs.

Kojo was talking to neurologist Richard Cytowik on dreams and nightmares when the interview was interrupted by the news flash. The show continued for three more minutes before station managers pulled the plug after being alerted to the faux pas by listeners. An apology appears on the show’s Web site and many of the listeners who called or emailed the show received personal apologies.

This is like deja vu all over again. Kojo, next time consider Yogi Bera as a substitute host.

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