tree with hole in the leaves

Teaching visual literacy in the Information Age is like trying to thread a needle. It takes patience, good eyes, and great instincts.

The only data I’ve collected is on my past and on my present. The future? Well, that’s a different story. While I’d love to say I have special prognostication abilities when thinking about what’s to come, I have no special powers. My soothsaying comes to the surface infrequently. And I’m right even less. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to predict where we’re all going. It’s part of my job as a new media wonk and it helps me be a better father to two daughters who have never lived without being connected to the net. I can’t parent based on my childhood so I have to stay close to the social forces now to be able to help my children navigate and learn from the world we live in.

But enough chit chat. If you want to know where I was and my journey to the here and now, take a look at my past and my present. If you connect with that saga then perhaps you’ll enjoy my stories and my art.

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