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Exquisite Fine Art Print of Ebay Auction!
Item #248812119
Collectibles:Art:Artist Offerings
Bidding is closed for this item.
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Currently$74.00 (reserve not yet met) First bid$50.00
Quantity1# of bids10 (bid history) (with emails)
Time leftAuction has ended.LocationWashington, DC
CountryUnited States
StartedJan-29-00 12:06:00 PSTenvelope (mail this auction to a friend)
EndsFeb-08-00 12:06:00 PST[Gift Alert] (request a gift alert)
Seller (Rating)jman49 (23) star
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In June of last year I auctioned my personal demographics on eBay. If information was the commodity of the new millennium, I wanted a piece of the pie. But no one bid on this important item! Perhaps my opening bid was too high. Perhaps my high regard for my personal information (reflected in the price I was willing to sell my demographics for) was not in sync with the market. Perhaps it was time to approach this from a different angle.

So I've shifted my business plan. I now realize that the art market is ripe for this sort of thing. The market in art commodities has just been itching to get its hands into "internet art." But, how do you sell something so ephemeral? How do you convince collectors that the object is no longer as important as it used to be and that scarcity is no longer sacrosanct? Afterall, what's the value of collecting a web page if it's available to anyone with a net connection?

Why try? Convincing collectors and dealers to look at new ways of thinking takes too much energy. The art market always seems to find ways to commodify just about anything but only after the ideas are too old to be a threat.

Therefore, after careful research and exploration, I've found a way to connect the commodity and information markets. I have produced a high quality IRIS print of my eBay auction. And I'm giving the eBay community first crack at it.

The image measures 15 3/4 x 32 inches (40 x 81.3 cm) and is printed on high quality Lyson Fine Art paper. The print is in an edition of 10 (okay, so scarcity is still possible). After the last one is sold, no more will be made, so while my demographics may not be worth much, this print's value is sure to increase.

The link above shows you the piece in its natural state. Below are details from the print. Virtually nothing has been lost in this transformation from pixels to paper!

Now you can purchase an object that comments on the loss of privacy in this info age AND is suitable for framing! A powerful combo!

Entire Auction

Fine Art Print in its Entirety
See Original Web Version
Detail of Attractive Artist Profile
Detail of Auction

Details from Print
(Looks Much Better in Reality!)

On Feb-05-00 at 07:41:16 PST, seller added the following information:

Here's an added incentive! I am planning on producing an IRIS print of this auction page as well. The successful bidder will be immortalized on this print as the winner of this piece of art.


Bidding is closed for this item.

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