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Hey! Wanna Buy Some Cookies?

06 Mar 2005
March 6, 2005 Psst. Hey you. Yah you. Come over here. Wanna buy some cookies? Uh, I got Trefoils. I got your Do-si-dos. I got Double Dutch, Samoas, and Thin Mints. I even got Lemon Coolers. They're lo-cal. What's your pleasure? The Girl Scouts' Thin Mints. Pictured larger than real life, but not as delicious. Thin Mints please. Those delectable chocolate-covered wafers. They seem to melt in your mouth so effortlessly you're scarfing down a whole box before the first commercial of CSI. THIN MINTS! Ummmmm. Read more [...]

Zoomifying My Life Away

12 Feb 2005
February 12, 2005 Since shedding my higher level administration duties at work a few months back I've been able to concentrate on design and geeky things. Being creative in my day job --I'm in heaven. A few weeks ago we introduced a new section to the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Web site: Interact. We'll introduce small and fun things to do with our collection and be able to highlight some of the virtual exhibitions we've created. Displaying a detailed photograph on the Web has its drawbacks. It's impossible Read more [...]

Lord of the Rings (Remix)

01 Jun 2004
June 1, 2004 At key junctures in our projects my boss will gather our team together and ask if we can "touch magic rings." Can all of us agree to sign off on the work we've done so far? It's one of his endearing phrases that has made difficult large scale undertakings, and even project management itself, well, manageable. Bringing order to what was once chaos is hard work. A lighthearted approach (sparking childhood memories of secret clubs and swashbuckling adventures) takes the edge off arduous tasks. One Read more [...]

I Won, I Won!

14 Feb 2004
February 14, 2004 Found: one two three four five six seven eight iTunes/Pepsi bottlecaps out of 11 tries. In a vending machine in the basement of my office building. I won. I won! You really like me iTunes/Pepsi. As usual, I brought my lunch to a midday meeting I was running yesterday. We're setting up a "cutover" schedule for migrating to our brand new Web site redesign. I opened my special bottle of Diet Pepsi right there in between bites of my brie, apple, and pinenuts sandwich --one must always balance bureaucracy Read more [...]

Parenting’s Effect on Usability Studies

23 Jun 2003
June 23, 2003 I had a mild epiphany this morning. Movie listings are not as clearly designed as they could be. My 24/7 role as a parent has led me to this point. But it was my day job as a Web designer that opened the way. We’ve been looking at how to incorporate usability testing in the development of our Web projects at work. When I used to teach art and design I often talked to my students about the clarity fallacy. As in art, there is often a disconnect between what we, the creators of new media, Read more [...]

Pessimism By Any Other Name Is Not Pessimism

26 Dec 2002
December 26, 2002 Was it visions of sugarplums that made my Christmas Eve day commute to work so sweet? Or was it President Bush's "pardon" for all us Federal workers one half day of freedom for the upcoming holiday? No, as I looked around the subway car I realized everyone was contentedly reading the Health section of the Washington Post. More specifically, they were reading The Happy Heretic, an article about Dr. Martin Seligman's new book, Authentic Happiness. Wellbeing saturated the underground air. With Christmas Read more [...]
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