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Avatar:a Reflection of Human Nature
When Will Homo Sapiens Stop Making Movies Like Avatar

03 Jan 2010
January 3, 2010 Glenn Beck as our species savior? Annalee Newitz recently posed this question: "When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like 'Avatar'?" And she followed it up with some interesting ideas on race and film making in America. While I would agree that Avatar and District 9 are Hollywood's metaphors for racial relations, by limiting her piece to just race she missed a larger issue: the broad scope and brutal reality of human nature reflected in these films. Avatar is James Cameron's epic about the Read more [...]

On Creating a New Stock Photo

25 Apr 2009
April 25, 2009 Commentary at the New York Stock Exchange On a trip last week to New York for a series of meetings I suddenly discovered the New York Stock Exchange was located directly on the path between my hotel and meeting site. This "discovery" was hard to miss with a huge American flag draped across the front of the building and tourists holding up their cameras for a similar photo op (even at this early morning hour). My time in Washington has trained me to look for initial signs of heightened security Read more [...]

Anatomy of a Photograph

08 Feb 2009
February 8, 2009 Details from some of my Inaugural portraits As I began to look at the photographs I shot during the Inauguration I realized how many portraits of people I had taken that day: from soldiers and police who were doing traffic control (and other more subtle national security tasks) to the many different citizens who came to celebrate and sell their souvenirs. As I said initially, this was a very different Inauguration than the last two I attended. Few protesters, it was more celebratory than either Read more [...]

The Composite Sum of Obama’s Face

06 Dec 2008
December 6, 2008 Beauty has always been a product of the social attitudes of the time. During the Renaissance voluptuous Rafaelesque women were the standard aspiration while in the 1960s, and certainly today, thin --even an emaciated look-- is often what people admire. While waiting for the subway after work yesterday I found a new back-lighted dental ad at my usual standing spot. Quick! Who does this man look like? Is it a coincidence this model reminds me of Barack Obama? His election was more than the total Read more [...]

Leveraging Political Power in the Blogosphere

19 Oct 2008
October 19, 2008 Hotlinking. I've written about this netiquette faux pas before. And as you can see I've found a number of ways to get even (here and here). If you're going to use my images don't even think of linking to them directly. Internet providers charge us for bandwidth when you do that. It's costly and it's just not nice. But in this time of social and financial upheaval, when we're watching the powers-that-be vying for control of the message, I have ways of maintaining authority over my own images. Link Read more [...]

When Speaking in Spain, Always Take a Picture

18 Jul 2008
July 18, 2008 Gracias por haberme invitado aqui a hablar con ustedes hoy. Yo hablo poco Español, asi que continuo en Ingles. Vamos a empezar. I'm used to speaking in front of large groups of people. But even though I've been doing it since my days as a college prof, I always get just a little bit nervous. In fact, I go through the same regimen every time I ready myself to speak. Suddenly I hear myself saying: "I don't want to give this talk. I DO NOT want to give this talk!" I've heard myself repeat Read more [...]
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