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Sonic Bummer

26 Jun 2002
June 26, 2002 I knew it! I knew it! Earlier this month I mentioned that the sound of children's crying could drive someone mad. I suggested someone invent a deafening device to save parents from approaching the brink. One must be careful for what one wishes for. In a twist, the Pentagon has taken my research and is now developing a weapon that WILL drive people (i.e. our enemies) into submission using the cries of babies. Our government wants to harness the power of this innocent, yet untapped demographic to help Read more [...]

Reliving Ground Zero

28 Jan 2002
January 28, 2002 Last week I took a trip up to NYC to see Ground Zero. I'd been wanting to make the trip for some time. And, after working on Dichotomy since September, I felt it was important to take the trip. They've recently put up a platform, about two blocks away from the site. You have to get [free] tickets at the South Street Seaport kiosk, about 7 blocks to the East. Many have mixed emotions about The Platform. Some see it as just another stop on a tourist's itinerary and are concerned about the carnival Read more [...]

Hunting for Zippers in the Emperor’s New Clothes

13 Sep 2001
September 13, 2001 I remember one night being so scared I wouldn't go to sleep. I'd been watching Invaders from Mars on TV for the fourth night in a row. When I yelled for my mom, she opened the bedroom door and told me "just think good thoughts" (as if that was going to work). When it didn't, she forced me to watch it again with her the next night. Only when she pointed out the zippers on the Martians' skin could I think about anything good. The story above is from a photo/text piece I made in the late 80s. I took Read more [...]

The Remains of the Day

11 Sep 2001
September 11, 2001 What can I say? 9:30. I was at the Renwick Gallery, which is right across from the White House, for a press preview for a new exhibit our museum is opening this week (at least was scheduled to open). Someone mentioned the WTC had been hit by two planes. I went downstairs to watch the news. Soon thereafter I decided to take the subway back to my office. I walked about 3 blocks to the Metro station but didn't notice anything odd. Normal crowds and traffic. 10:00. By the time I got back to the office Read more [...]
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