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Sweet Sixteen

12 Jun 2009
June 12, 2009 The Happy Couple on Our Wedding Day Sixteen years. After sixteen years of marriage certain things fit perfectly. Two artists, we started with an artists' wedding and each year we're reminded of this beginning. It's a day to remember our coupling but also who each of us is. We both want to get back to making art. We've been going to the same restaurant for the past seven years to celebrate. Because of the restaurant's database, they always remember which anniversary we're celebrating and our Read more [...]

A Presidential Portrait in Cupcakes

14 Feb 2009
February 14, 2009 Portrait of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln in Cupcakes Click image for larger view. Fridays are supposed to be light days with anticipation of the upcoming weekend filling workers heads worldwide. Yesterday, was anything but as our anticipation was redirected to the cupcake portraits being constructed at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, my home-away-from-home every weekday. Zilly Rosen and her group had prepared 5900 vanilla cupcakes and were carefully placing them in just the right places Read more [...]

Anatomy of a Photograph

08 Feb 2009
February 8, 2009 Details from some of my Inaugural portraits As I began to look at the photographs I shot during the Inauguration I realized how many portraits of people I had taken that day: from soldiers and police who were doing traffic control (and other more subtle national security tasks) to the many different citizens who came to celebrate and sell their souvenirs. As I said initially, this was a very different Inauguration than the last two I attended. Few protesters, it was more celebratory than either Read more [...]

Celebrating with a Few Million Friends:
The Inauguration of Barack Obama

22 Jan 2009
January 22, 2009 A "postcard" view of the Inauguration taken from the top of the Washington Monument. The circle marks our spot on the Mall. Click image for larger view. (The original can be found here.) My twelve year old daughter and I got up early to catch the Metro downtown to Barack Obama's Inauguration. We didn't know quite what to expect. No one did. There were numerous unknowns: how many millions would crowd the Mall that day, would the Metro be able to handle the heavy traffic, and where would the best Read more [...]

Inauguration Porta-Potties #2

17 Jan 2009
January 17, 2009 Read more [...]

Sizing Up the Inauguration

16 Jan 2009
January 16, 2009 Porta-Potties Stand Ready and Waiting for Inaugural Hordes. Am I ready? Well, to be honest, I am a bit nervous. Will I be standing in a sea of four million out-of-towners or two million --many natives have decided to go skiing. (Follow the rules people and we'll get along just fine.) Will the Metro actually get me where I'm going? The Metro's General Manager isn't so sure. He is sure "something will happen on the 20th." That's what I like: confidence. Am I prepared for the cold and the hours Read more [...]
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