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The Wind in My Hair and My Feet on the Pedals

22 Apr 2002
April 22, 2002 Today's Primo Giro Grande della Bicicletta con il Giorno Correttamente Gonfiato delle Gomme, a celebration of my first bike ride of the year! The April weather has been unseasonable warm, more like June. Warm, dry weather is my favorite, just like the summers of my SoCal youth. Coworkers are complaining about the heat while I'm ready to sunbathe on the sidewalk in front of my office. I'm in a good mood and have temporarily suspended all new entries onto my fret list. I usually don't look forward Read more [...]

Finding More Than My Hat

21 Dec 2001
December 21, 2001 It's ¡El Día Más Corto del Año Pero de los Días Está Consiguiendo más Largo y Soy Día Feliz! This is one of my most favorite holidays! Yes, it's the advent of winter (my second least favorite season) and I am not a cold weather person. BUT, the days are finally getting longer. The sun will not rise any later than it did today nor will it set any earlier. And I now have my personal equinox day to look forward to!! A few early winter discoveries I've made: First, Read more [...]

Moving Forward on a Number of Fronts

10 Dec 2001
December 10, 2001 If you remember, I was consumed by preparations for our annual Leaf Blowing Festival. While the weather has been incredibly mild for a DC fall and it seemed more like May than November, the festival was a smashing success! We had a bumper crop this year and the dry weather made it a breeze to blow (it didn't make my allergies any easier, though)! The Closing Ceremony was attended by thousands. The roar of the crowd was deafening. It took a lot of work but it was worth all the hours of planning, Read more [...]

Spores, Spores, and More Spores

28 Oct 2001
October 28, 2001 Spores, spores, spores! That's all we've been hearing about here in DC. And it's clear those pesky little things are harder to control than the CDC originally thought. It is making me just a tad nervous. But what's really on my mind this weekend are spores of another kind: mold spores! For the month long La feuille Souffler la Fête (or Festival De Soufflement De Feuille, depending on which web translation page you use), what better way is there to put a positive spin on my yearly encounter Read more [...]

Following Directions: The Road to Nowhere

14 Jul 2001
July 14, 2001 If you remember, back in May Le Premier Fauchage de Pelouse du Festival de Saison marked the beginning of the lawn mowing season. You might also remember that we've been having trouble with the belt that propels the lawn mower around our palatial estate. By June it was slipping off so often it no longer made mowing a pleasurable experience. I hired a local guy to do it while I took the mower in for service. It took 3 weeks to get the estimate informing us the crankshaft was bent (the probable reason Read more [...]

Celebrating Equinox Day

01 Mar 2001
March 1, 2001 Yesterday was my Personal Equinox Day. That's the day when the sun is shining both when I leave for work and when I return home. This celestial event changes every year, depending on my schedule. This time it was later than usual, since I've been staying later at work. It's an uplifting moment to realize you no longer have to rely on flickering mercury vapor street lamps to find your way home. Spring is my favorite season. I never had this feeling, growing up in L.A. We had seasons but the changes Read more [...]
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