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All Things are Simulacrums

02 Apr 2001
April 2, 2001 This morning started out as most weekday mornings do: a rush to get us and the kids ready for work and school and a mad dash to the car, making sure everything and everyone is in place. As we pulled out of the driveway, I said "ding dong". "What does that mean?" my four year old asked. "Ding dong," I repeated. My daughter likes to make up games. She especially enjoys making the rules (the province of four year olds). Often, on the way home from school and work she'll decide to play a guessing Read more [...]

Underground Magic

22 Feb 2001
February 22, 2001 As we walked through the door she began her incantation. Raising her hands before her, eyes closed, she began: I wish, I wish with all my heart To fly with dragons in the land of heart I stared, transfixed, as she repeated her words again and again. I knew her chant from her favorite cartoon show. And I took special note of a four year old's version of an often-heard rhyme. Her eyelids moved to the beat of her voice. When she stopped her eyes slowly opened and looked at me. “Now, Read more [...]
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