The Real Reason AT&T Has Exclusive Rights to the iPhone

25 Jun 2010
June 25, 2010

A recently discovered magazine ad fuels speculation that Steve Jobs can time travel.

This morning, in an old dusty box hidden in the corner of my attic I unearthed some old magazines. I can’t remember why I kept them. But thumbing through their pages I came across this 1960s ad for Western Electric’s Picturephone ® and something in the shadows caught my eye.

Steve Jobs knew Marty McFly. But more importantly, proof positive why AT&T, the descendant of Western Electric, is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone.

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  1. Cara Lopez Lee says:

    This old advertisement is amazing! And your take on it is absolutely hilarious. I still remember when a picture phone all seemed so Jetsons, and now it’s really here. I’m glad we don’t have to carry one of those boxes around. I also remember that I used to think AT&T was insidiously plotting world domination. Not sure that future hasn’t arrived as well.

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