A Story in Three Tweets: Mr. OCD

12 Jan 2010
January 12, 2010

Twitter allows you to send missives to your followers in 140 character bursts. For a storyteller these are often exercises in learning to be economical with one’s words with the greatest amount of impact. Today I tried but a story unfolded in the subway that begged for just a little bit more. This required three successive tweets. Sometimes a tale demands just a little bit more. Here is my 376 character Twitter trilogy.

Mr OCD’s on subway. How do I know? He told me last time. He’s nice & strikes up chat w/ everyone. He’s talking 2 lady next 2 him now…

…But Mr OCD has a mean anger streak. How do I know? I saw him yell @ 2 boisterous teens way on the other side of subway platform. Way far.

Mr OCD’s still chatting it up with that girl as we make our way up to the surface. See ya next time.

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