Jeff Auctions His Demographics on eBay

The line between art and commerce is thin and tenuous. The line between one’s privacy and commerce is even thinner. If the internet provides a conduit for new markets, where does one draw the line between the rush to develop those markets and the right to remain out of the fray?

In June of 1999, I attempted to sell my demographics to the highest bidder on eBay. I thought I was an attractive candidate. I watch TV, I read magazines, and I often buy what I see. If others are buying and selling my personal information, I felt I should too. And to the highest bidder! I thought I was worth a lot, but…

This piece was done 13 years ago. As the Internet and the field of information technology have developed, the issues of privacy seem even more important today.

After you see the piece, read what viewers had to say. Then take a look at my second eBay piece (when all else fails, revise your business plan and pander to the market!).

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