Jeff’s Past: Dopplegänger #2, Seattle

I was very happy to leave L.A. When I arrived in Seattle everyone seemed so pleasant and friendly. People actually waved to me as I drove around campus! “What a difference a few thousand miles makes,” I thought. Suddenly, things began to turn.

One day, as I was waiting in the check-out line at the Safeway, the person ahead of me asked: How are things going, Bruce?” “Fine,” I said, “but I’m not Bruce.” “Yes, you are!” she said flatly. And with that she grabbed her bags and left.

The next day, my housemate, Ruth, said she had met someone she wanted me to meet. She didn’t tell me why. Instead she dragged me to the graduate painting studios at the U and as we walked toward one cubicle a drawing hanging on the door caught my eye. It was a picture of me!

As I entered that space, everything came together in a second of exploding clarity. Standing in front of me was Bruce. The resemblance was uncanny!

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