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On occasion, during this age of "spin doctors" and cultural backlashes against artists, I feel compelled to speak my mind. Here are a few stories and articles I have written on life, family, and the role of artists in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.


Life Outtacontext

It's written in the stars! A new millennium series of stories about life just outside the Beltway (beginning February 2001).


Inside Out at the NEA

Originally published in In These Times, October, 1990, this article was about my experiences as an Arts Administration Fellow at the NEA during an interesting and critical time in the agency's history.


A Thousand Points of Light, A Thousand Shades of Gray

Originally published in the Speakeasy column of the New Art Examiner (December, 1991).


Art in the Age of Gingrich: Doing the Hokey-Pokey

Originally published in ArtFBI ArtFax and reprinted in Tractor Magazine in the Winter of 1995.


New Roles for Artists in the Information Age

Originally published in FYI a publication of the New York Foundation for the Arts. Updated October 2002.


Information in Formation: Repositioning Artists on the Crest of the Third Wave

Keynote Address to the National Council of Arts Administrators Conference, October 1996, Anchorage, Alaska.

Adapted from my article New Roles for Artists in the Information Age, the subject of this talk centered on how technology is changing the structures and curricula of art departments and colleges.

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